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This weekend, we opened we Asking For a Friend, a collection of one of a kind vases launched at Assembly Line in Brooklyn, in conjunction with New York Design Week.

While keeping in line with our signature use of playful forms, the collection – which features ten different vases –  represents a new, more multifaceted direction for the brand, featuring thoughtful vase designs available in a mix of both colorful and clear glass that are equally captivating as they are functional.  

The collection is the result of existential interrogations I've been grappling with during the dark months of the pandemic, including What are the physical properties of joy? How can an inanimate object express optimism? Why do flowers make us feel happy? And why are certain forms repeated throughout history, across various centuries and cultures, over and over again? 

Working closely with Adam Holzinger and Susan Spiranovich of Keep Brooklyn, I explored how various shapes trigger different emotions, and how those are affected when combined with color and decorative details.

For the final installation, we worked closely with NYC based florist Fleurotica to create specific floral arrangements for each piece, paired with painted backdrops behind the vessels. The installation hopes to create a moment of pause for the viewer, reflecting on how each form, each addition, and each composition might spark a different feeling.

The new collection will be on display at Assembly Line until July 1, 2022. Shown alongside the new collection is our standard collection of glassware. While the two collections are different in process and output, they very much relate – both are a constant pursuit of joy. Having the opportunity to work closely with the material and explore these questions in a more in–depth way feeds directly into our collection of everyday goods. Displaying them side by side as mirror images of each other hopes to trigger dialogue about how objects are developed, produced, and how differences processes hold different potential and add value to the final piece in differing ways.

The collection is available to view in person through July 1, 2022.

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