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Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer currently based in New York City. She designs objects, furniture, and spaces. She established her studio two years ago, and since then has been focused primarily on objects of everyday use, mostly using glass as a medium and exploring the interaction between object and user. Her work stems from the idea that objects have an innate power to enhance their user's mood through form and function. She focuses on simple objects and rituals, to see how she can alter these in ways that are surprising, delightful, and elevate the user experience. She believes that the objects which we surround ourselves with can and should be imbued with a certain poetry, creating a relationship between humans and objects built on mutual respect. 


2022 GQ Home Awards

2021 Grazia Interior Award

2020 Sight Unseen American Design Hotlist 

2019 Wallpaper Design Award

Our Process

From conception to your home, we take the utmost care in producing our items to the highest standards. Our pieces are currently made in China and in New York, but we have also worked with artisans in Mexico and Spain.

Nearly all of the colored borosilicate glass products in the world are made from raw materials originally manufactured in China, and our partners are one of the main producers. We have found their expertise in manufacturing and attention to quality to be unparalleled. By going straight to the source, we are able to produce in the most efficient way possible, cutting down on both cost and overall environmental impact (since the raw materials aren’t shipped to a second location for production), striking the most honest balance between the two we are able to achieve.

There is a misconception that products made in China should be of low value because they are mass produced and of poor quality. On the contrary, our products are still made in small batches and are assembled by hand by expert glass workers with a high degree of quality control, in a facility where workers are safe and fairly compensated.

Some of our pieces (especially those made of soft glass) are created along a different set of criteria. There is inevitably a different sort of magic that happens when working with artisans and craftspeople, which is enhanced if we can work closely with them and be part of the process. We work with local artists on development, prototyping, and testing of new ideas as well as for one-off pieces or very small runs.

Either way, we rely heavily on our fabrication partners who are the backbone of everything we do. A design is nothing without the craftspeople and technicians that produce it, and one of the most rewarding parts of the design process is figuring out the best possible manufacturing method for a given product, where form, function, quality, and price align in the most considered way.

Our Studio

We are currently a small-but-mighty team of three, and all of our design, development, and sales happen from our Red Hook Studio. Our shipping is fulfilled by Mid Hudson Works, a Poughkeepsie-based nonprofit who provides employment and job training to veterans and people with physical and/or medical disabilities. Please get in touch with any questions, comments, requests, or collaboration inquiries. We'd love to hear from you!

General inquiries – info(at)sophieloujacobsen.com

Sales – cheyenne(at)sophieloujacobsen.com

AU Distribution – marc(at)bloomstreetagency.com

EU/UK Distribution – catherine(at)bloomstreetagency.com

Press – press(at)sophieloujacobsen.com

our partners

Website Design – Adrian Harwood

Website Development – Henry Van Dusen

Photography – William Jess Laird, Jen Steele, Jessi Frederick, Clement Pascal, Alicia Sciberras, Daniel Aros

Shipping & Fulfillment – Mid Hudson Works

Friends & Collaborators

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Megumi Arai

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