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SLJ × La Romaine Editions

La Romaine Editions is a Paris based online store curated by Pauline Vincent. In addition to the store's permanent collection, there is also a thematic selection that changes several times a year to pay tribute to a colour, a mood or a season. For their latest edition, "Le Rouge", we designed two large scale vases, with the aim of highlighting this striking color.

As La Romaine places a certain focus on artisinal craftsmanship, we turned to Brooklyn-based master glass blowers, Keep, to work with on these pieces. With over 15 years of rigorous practice and an impressive list of clients in the art and design worlds under their belt, the duo brought these pieces to life using traditional italian glass blowing techniques.

The Tulip Vase and the Poppy Vase are available for purchase exclusively here and at La Romaine.

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